VAGEXCO follow Track & Trace of Explosives EU regulation…

Vagexco Sh.p.k. announces the implementation of a system for Track and Trace of Explosives. Our company following the EU-directive 2008/43/EG and its amendment in the directive 2012/4/EU installed a system in production for assigning a unique code to each production unit. Again our company focuses in the security and the safety of explosives and enables procedures in its production to this way.

Background of the EU – identification directive

The directives 2008/43/EG and 2012/4/EU, also named identification directive, belong to a number of actions elaborated by the European Union that serve counter-terrorism and have been set up as result of terror attacks in the past few years. The identification directive´s aims are the unique identification and the continuous traceability of explosives for civil uses all along the whole supply chain in order to give efficient support to enforcement authorities.