Safety Fuse

sfuseSafety Fuse is a medium for conveuing flame at a preset, slow and uniform rate. It is used to expode a charge of black powder or ordinary detonator. It provides, the time delay requiredfor the blaster to reach cover of safety, before the actual explosion takes place.

The Satety Fuse consists of a core load of black powder wound in jute layer, with the intercoatings of bitumen, polythelene. Our product range covers the full spectrum of requirementa ofdiameter and water resistance.

It's uses:

1. In stone metal quarries.

2. In open cast mines.

3. Canal, irrigation, hydel power projects.

4. Well sinking and deepening.

5. Demolitions.


It's advantages:

1. Easy availability.

2. Economy in use.

3.Simplicity of operation.

4.Complete range for all types of conditions.

5.Adaptability for use in gunpowder, ordinary detonator or special detonators.