NONEL® MS detonators are a series of high strength non-electric detonators with millisecond (MS) delay intervals between successive firing times. NONEL® MS  detonators consist of a non-electric detonator, a length of NONEL®  signal tube. The detonator incorporates delay elements and a high strength base charge inside an aluminium shell. The NONEL®  signal tube is a high strength, high abrasion resistant tubing which transmits the initiation signal to the detonator. One end of the signal tube is crimped into the detonator shell, and the other end is closed off by a waterproof seal. NONEL® MS  detonators provide a series of delay times suitable for surface mining, quarrying and underground operations. NONEL® MS  detonators will directly initiate cap sensitive boosters and packaged explosives. Refer to the relevant Technical Data Sheets for details

Delay Time (msec) Delay Tag Color
425 White
450 White
475 White
500 White

Hazardous Shipping Description:
Detonator Assemblies, Nonelectric
1.1B, UN 0360 PG II

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