Detonating Cord

decordDetonating Cord, also known as Detonating Fuse, is a flexible cord containing an explosive core of Penta Erythritol Tetra Nitrate (PETN) encapsulated using polymeric tape, natural or synthetic yarns and over-extruded with PVC to provide abrasion resistance and water proofness. They can be set-off using a No.6 strength detonator and upon initiation, reliably sets off cap-sensitive explosives lying in contact with it.

Detonating Cord is used as downlines (in-hole) and as surface trunklines. They reliably transmit detonation through recommended type of knots. However, care should be taken to ensure that acute angles are avoided when connecting detonating cord through knots. The main line and branch line should preferably be at right angles in order to prevent cutoffs due to high brisance generated upon detonation.

The PVC coating on the detonating cord provides good water proofing and abrasion resistance. Care, however should be taken not to cause any damage to the cord during usage.