Eurodyn 2000

Eurodyn™ 2000 explosive dynamite is nitroglycerine based, high strength, detonator sensitive explosive. The explosive is red in colour with a firm putty-like consistency.


Eurodyn™ 2000 can be used in priming applications, as a high-density column explosive. Eurodyn™ 2000 delivers exceptional results in hard rock applications. Eurodyn™ 2000 is designed for use in surface mining, quarrying and construction, tunnelling and underground blasting.

Key Benefits

•Eurodyn™ 2000 is a high energy explosive dynamite with excellent energy transmission qualities for outstanding blast

  results in the toughest ground.

•Eurodyn™ 2000 is suitable for use in confined blasting and underwater applications.

•Eurodyn™ 2000 is highly water resistant, which minimizes leaching and reduces environmental impact.

•Eurodyn™ 2000 contains no aromatic nitro compounds (DNT and TNT), which are considered to be carcinogenic.

Technical Characteristics Files:

TDS Eurodyn+2000_TD_en_2009-02-13_Germany[1]
MSDS MSDS_Eurodyn 2000_20080418