Powergel Trimex

Trimex ürün

Powergel Trimex is designed for the blasting of perimeter holes in development an tunnel headings. The use of Powergel Trimex in this application delivers a high detonation velocity explosion combined with high levels of decoupling. This combination promotes clear perimeter crack patterns, without unacceptable levels of overblreak. Powergel Trimex is water resistant and can be used in wet and dry blastholes.


Packaged Powergel Trimex is a detonator sensitive emulsion explosive. The emulsion is white in colour and is packaged in 19mm diameter, 735 mm long, opaque yellow, rigid plastic tubes. The tube's ends are sealed with caps and joiners that interconnect, enabling assembly to suit any hole length. Retention springs can be selectively clipped on to the tubes to ensure that the cardridge is securely retained in the blastholes.