Powergel Magnum

magPowergel Magnum has exceptional shock and heave characteristic and is the ideal explosive to initiate ANFO and other booster sensitive explosives.

High Power

The Powergel series of products offers enhanced power over previous formulations. This is not just a function of their higher strength but also of the manner in which the energy is delivered resulting in superior heave performance This again is a fundamental prerequisite of effective rock breakage.


Powergel Magnum is a waterproof cap sensitive emulsion explosive, produced by the patented technology of Orica Explosives. Powergel Magnum has exceptional heaving and fragmentation characteristics. Magnum is the ideal explosive to initiate ANFO and/or other booster sensitive explosives.

Technical Characteristics Files:

TDS TDS_Powergel_Magnum_365_20040514
MSDS MSDS_Powergel_Magnum 365_19980301