EKA 350 Blasting Machine


The EKA 350™ is a capacitor discharge (CD) blasting machine which presents the most reliable firing means available. Its small size means that it can fit into the palm of your hand.

Firing ability

A single device can fire up to 120 standard (2 Ω) electric blasting caps (EBCs) in a single series on a 1000 m reel of military communication wire (the equivalent of 0,6 mm copper wire).

A standard, fresh alkaline battery provides a minimum 1000 charging cycles.


EKA 350™ has a built-in safety system that prevents the machine from firing if the blasting circuit is broken, or the desired voltage is not reached.

It has a built-in Demolition Safety Light (DSL) to safely check the continuity of the initiators and the firing lines.

EKA 350™ provides a self-test feature that eliminates costly testing equipment and time consuming inspection procedures.

The machine is operated by magnetic switches, which contain no mechanical parts, thus eliminating the chance of any mechanical failure.

Mechanical protection

The casing of the machine is extremely durable and is made from CrNi steel.

All the other metal parts are galvanized in hard industrial gold, which make the whole casing environmentally inert, and give an extremely high level of mechanical protection.

The electronic components are casted in a monolithic block using a special compound.

Serial Connections

In cases where energy provided by a single EKA 350™ device isn’t sufficient (like activating large number of EBCs, using EBCs with long Fe leg-wires or firing seismic detonators), two EKA 350™ blasting machines can be connected together to multiply the energy output.