VAGEXCO starts to operate in November 2008 when it finished the investment of created the most innovative modern and safe magazines complex at Albania which they constructed according to the international guidelines and regulations.

In 2011 VAGEXCO started to build its own ANFO plant. In co-operation with the world leader explosives manufacturer ORICA we have built the most modern ANFO plant in Balkans with production capacity of 6TN per hour.

The production started in May 2012. The product ANFO exal and the whole production procedure was certified by BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing of Germany).

Our major scope is to provide our customers with high quality products and we succeed on that by our long term co-operation with our suppliers. We are distributors of Orica – Nitro Turkey, ORICA Germany, Orica Sweden, for the Albanian market. Also we are serving these products in the whole Balkan area. We are also provide equipment of REO and Instantel for special blasting and measurement services.